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My Work

Welcome to the .Projects() page! In here you can check my latest works as a Game Dev and and also as a Game Designer where it applies. Some of the projects were created in groups during the studies in the Open University, in those projects there will be details about each member of the team and their role in the project (Credit where Credit is due :))


DDR Sona

This inspiration for this project is from one of League of Legend's champions, that champion creates music and plays DDR so the game is a combination of DDR and Sona's skills where you have to match the directions ←↓↑→ with the Sona's Q (Blue) W (Green) and E (Purple) colors

The game contains 3 different songs for easy, normal & hard difficulties


DuckHunt VR

First VR project for Oculust Quest, the project was created to explore the features of VR. The game consists of 6 'planes' that surround the user to give the feeling of being inside a circle where the ducks spawn.

The pixel art & sound are from the original game, where the pistols models were downloaded from Sketchfab and modified by me in maya.



The final project during the course in the Open University, an Adventure game with SteamPunk aesthetics where the main protagonist is a robot that has to help his city from malfunctioning robots.

Team members:

  • Me - Game Dev.

  • Sarit Quiben - Project Manager, UX/UI & Art.

  • Ilan Bogoslavsky - Game Design and Narrative.



Beginners project from the middle term, a first person narrative game about the isolation during the pandemic, get miss information from the TV/Radio/Newspaper while sending letters to your long distance relationship.

Team members:

  • Me - Game Dev & Level Editor

  • Ilan Bogoslavsky - Project manager

  • Daniel Bedoya - Game Dev

  • Itamar Mor - 3d Modeler & Level Editor

  • Osher Velotker - Narrative

  • Idan Gazit - Narrative


Candy Land

Unfinished beginners project, the team fell apart during the first phases of design. The idea was to create a 2D platformer where the whole world was made from candy, the protagonist was a chocolate bar where the enemies were chololates like Ferrero, Twix, Mars & sneakers.

Team members:

  • Me - Game Dev

  • Sarit Quiben - UX/UI & Art

  • Osher Velotker - Project manager & Game Design


GTA Clone

A small project used to showcase was was learnt during the second semester of the studies, the game begins as a FPS where you can shoot(raycasting) any civilian walking in the city(animations, Navmesh AI), then you are able to enter a car with a third person camera(Cinemachine) and drive in the city (Unity's vehicle with Wheel Colliders)


A Link to the Present

Before starting the game design studies, i decided to try and 'remaster' the first dungeon from a Zelda: A Link to the Past from 2d to 3d.

The project contains a system to load & unload each room dynamically.

The player has the following features:

  • Sheathe/Unsheathe the sword

  • Triple sword combo

  • Shield up for defense

  • Interactables System

  • Pickup/Throw Items


Bartop Arcade

Built a bartop arcade from the ground up, with a cheap jigsaw and drill driver in hand, created a draw on a plywood plank and stick together to form the skeleton to hold the monitor, joysticks and Raspberry Pi as the brains.

Then configured the linux repo to work through WIFI and installed 300+ games with 10+ different emulators

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-19 at 8.38.53 PM.jpeg
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